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Turn ANY doorway into an elevated bondage control unit with the Bondage Door Cuffs by Sir Richards at Clonezone.

These skin-kind, extremely effective cuffs lock into any doorway... by simply shutting the door. No need for tricky looping and tying, simply flip the two acrylic ends over the door and close it. The doorframe works as your 'knot' and 'd-ring'. Once this has been done, your partner(s) is(are) safely restrained. If you don't live alone, make sure you lock the door.

At the opposite end of the nylon straps are two Cuffs that wrap each wrist securely and feature fully adjustable stainless steel lock rings, allowing for a controlled, custom fit every time.

• Strap adjusts up to 24” (60.96 cm)
• Cuffs fit all sized wrists, extending as strap is shortened.
• Door Jam Length: 4.87” (12.36 cm)
• Door Jam Width: .9” (2.28 cm)

Always use a safe-word with any level of BDSM play.

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